Can fashion really be sustainable?

When I went to meet Michael Owen, founder at “Always wear red”sustainable and zero waste company to talk about sustainability in fashion, he makes me the first question.

” How many of your clothes do you actually wear it?” Sustainability is about oneness, and I love the oneness about things.” But let us start about some figure first

Fashion is a big business in the UK worthing £32 billion to the UK economy and 800,000 jobs.

In the UK, according to Statista report, consumers in 2018 spent an amount of 60.4 billion pounds; this amount increases every year, giving the UK position in the top five countries in Europe in term of clothing consumption.

Consumers are attracted by buying more clothes even if not needed because the retail sector is encouraging this behaviour.

Primarily due to the rise of non-specialised stores, such as supermarkets and high sales.

“We buy clothes, we get bored, and we throw them away.” Says Michael Owen.

The garment industry is the world’s third-biggest manufacturing industry generating excessive waste around the globe. Michael Owen says ” 1/3 of our clothes never reach our consumer, they get burnt by big brands and old seasons destroyed, the 70% of our clothes become buried within three years.”

Michael Owen, Always wear red founder.

Apparel producers plan to reduce emission measures and regulations to become stricter, these changes are expected in three/five years, according to the United Nations.

The elimination of coal-fired power sources will be the most crucial one, following the second-largest polluter that is textile dyeing of clean water. Polluting many rivers in India by chemical substances such as formaldehyde, chlorine, lead, and mercury. The answer should come from natural pigments. However, Phil Patterson, a consultant to textile UK-based Colour believes natural dyes are not the answer because are expensive, require larger quantities to create the same depth in colour, and need the usage of mordants.

(which include heavy metal salts) to stick to the fabric.

How can this vast industry be really sustainable safeguarding jobs, economy and markets? Michael explains his way to do sustainable fashion ” We produce in small batches to control the waste.”

For hand, knitting the production is slow, this ensures better quality, we work only by order and every piece is numbered to deliver oneness and exclusivity.

“We only use natural materials hail from Yorkshire, except for the Merino wool, which comes from Italy. Still, we used to buy it from Australia. Also, My knitters are the best in the majority of women UK based, and I pay them the 50%more than the average. If you have the best knitters, you have the best products, so Treating  people right is essential.part of our profits are devolved to men’s mental health cause.”

“We only use a digital store, we mail you, we send you photos giving you information which is the knitter and how your jumper is growing. Then we are gender-neutral, and our cardigan and jumper can fit any size.”

Merino wool sample- AlwaysWear Red.

According to the 2018 Pulse of the fashion industry report shows that the industry has improved environmental performance in the last year. However, the industry is still far from sustainable. The problem is those fashion companies slowly put in place sustainable solutions, and the risk is to not achieve the UN sustainable development goal.

Coral Smith, the menswear fashion designer, says:  “Undeniably the fast fashion industry is a massive polluter.”

” Many brands are taking steps such as reducing their packaging, making their supply chain transparent for customers and using recycled fabric blends.”

“Properly monitoring their factories to make sure fabrics are produced in a way that does not harm the environment with excessive chemicals.”

“People get joy from clothes, so the industry has no choice,  needs to adapt to a sustainable future.”

 “However, not in its current industry model, we know it today.” 

Coral Smith Fashion Designer- image source

Companies who take the change into sustainability need to follow five challenging phases- this addresses their current rank and locates themselves against their competitors.

In the pre-phase companies take an initial plan and opportunistic actions, they have not fully committed and finding the right starting point remains a challenge.

In phase one-building foundations with strong basis determined on employees, strategy and communication, improving visibility over performance and most crucial footprint

Phase two- company carries out the core efficiency program generating proof points which are environmental, social and financials.

Phase three- industry accelerate efforts, taking initiatives and target programmes into the value chain, implementing new technologies, raise profitability as well as environmental and social activities

Phase four- leaders experience the limitations of existing solutions, including regulations, business innovations, and consumers respond. Only with changes and disruptive business models can the industry move forward to the future. But scaling the new technologies will depend on leadership and cooperation across the industry, including regulators and consumers.

Bureau Veritas Uk is the National association that assist companies in their performance to meet the challenges of quality, health & safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Governments and policymakers are crucial in the ecosystem process; lots needs to be done. Still, the government is increasingly supportive regulations framework.

New incentives for retailers, reform taxation to reward fashion companies that deliver environmental friendly clothes. Michael Owen says: “Sustainable issue should appear in the operation of the business plan and no as a marketing strategy.”

“And new recycling technologies must be proven on a commercial scale.”

THE FUTURE? Circular Fashion

fashion products should be designed for long-life, non-toxic, biodegradable recyclable and ethically.

Produced locally and renewable, Moreover, the results should be used for as long as possible, through proper care, repair, sharing among multiple users over time (rent/lease, secondhand, swap)

The products should bring no environmental or socio-economic harm but instead contribute to the positive development and well-being of humans. Uk designers are already taking the lead on sustainable fashion, reducing costs and environmental impact but also are looking for more sustainable methods.

Making fashion circular with innovation is the solution, but how?

Many companies switch cotton to organic cotton and creating an entire collection with virgin natural materials. For example, Stella Mccartney no longer uses pure cashmere but use regenerated cashmere from factories waste in Italy.

The more innovative PET fabric production; Komodo, Thought and People Tree are all UK brands that use PET fabric already.

According to Fashion United UK, PET’s production reduces CO2 emissions by32% in comparison to regular polyester.

Corals Smith says: “Many fabrics are not environmentally friendly so designers could be limited in this way. On the other hand, constraints can make you more creative as designers have to think harder about how they use the materials available, which will most likely result in producing something more unique!”

Coral Smith latest collection- image source

Groups of innovators are studying live organism such as algae, yeast, animal cells and fungi to create an environmental friendly apparel industry.

Breaking down in non-toxic material when thrown away, unfortunately, these experiments are limited to the laboratory world due to cost competitiveness.

Are you laundry addicted?

As consumers, we must take responsibility for our actions and make a change of habits is necessary toward a sustainable future. Do we know how much pollution do we produce when we make a simple gesture like loading the washing machine?

Gary Knox sustainability director at Green earth cleaning, during a connection in a webinar, explains the damage caused by microfibres.

Up of the 64% of our clothes are made by synthetic plastic microfibres such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are cheap and adjustable. These fabrics during washes are being released into the water supply.


According to Publication Parliament UK, A single 6kg domestic wash has the potential to release as many as 700,000 fibres shedding into water.

Ingested by all marine wildlife creatures and subsequently ending up in the food chain and eaten by us. So what can we do about? Buying better quality clothes, preferring natural fabrics such as wool and organic cotton that do not need so many washes.

Considering that in the UK there are 27 million homes means that washing machine usage is 117 washes per year, per person, according to  The Economist and the Office of National Statistics.


Michael Owen explains “Wool needs to be washed only twice a year and with cold water, because wool is naturally breathable which means that when you sweat the perspiration dissolve into the air, rather than getting trapped inside the fabric.”

Many fashion brands, for example, HIUTcompany, the best denim makers in the world based in rural Wales, encourage customers to try and go as much as they can without washing their jeans.

This is why fashion companies must put in place best practices to make a change toward sustainability and adhere to pulse score improvements in the fashion industry.

In the meantime, as customers, we can prefer natural fibres rather than synthetics and changing the way that we shop and treat our clothes.

Coral Smith suggests: “Consumers should try to spend more on quality items and buy less, buy second hand,

” mend clothes that break and style pieces you already have in a new way to suppress the urge to buy new things.”

” Unfortunately many are still buying clothes with a “buy now, wear once” attitude, and as long as the demand is this high brands will keep overproducing to cater for it.”

Michael Owen says: “Buy an amazing one and love that one.”






In the last decade, more than 70% of  young population are suffering from depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia than in the past 25 years

Young people are negatively affected by Instagram

According to a recent report by the Royal Society for Public Health, social media can make you feel sad or confused which later causes depression, generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic disorder or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which affects one’s social and scholar life. 

Social media has become an integral part in everyone’s life. Instagram, which is a social platform based on photos and video sharing; has become popular worldwide, with over a billion active users.

Courtesy : Royal society for public health 2017

However, despite its popularity, Instagram, which includes social interactions and creative content, has been ranked as the worst social media which causes distress to young users, whereas YouTube is the most positive social media.

Courtesy : Status of mind (RSPH Report) 2017

There are growing pieces of evidence that link the use of Instagram to mental health disorders. An online poll we conducted on Instagram showed us that around 51% of users felt that Instagram affects their body image in some ways.

Instagram poll

However, what users do not realise is the fact that behind these picture-perfect feeds, most of these Internet personas have a professional team that aims to market them and create revenue. Instagram, contents should be regulated with the caption “This does not correspond to the reality.”

Male vs Female – Body Image

According to the Royal Society for Public Health report, 80,000 children and young adults in the UK are suffering from body dysmorphia and this feeling of inadequacy later causes anxiety and depression.

An experiment conducted between 144 girls aged 14-18 years old in the Netherlands, at Raboud University shows how teenage participants, all attending Secondary School are exposed to manipulated photos in everyday life. The study demonstrated how social comparison leads to dissatisfaction with body image.

A teenage girl’s picture was shown with different Instagram filters and photoshop. Some filters improved the skin texture, some emphasized the body while others emphasized face and hair. The result showed that after the experiment, the girls pointed their dislike towards their own body and weight. The participants found that the doctorate photos were more attractive than the original. Also, the experiment showed that the participants were not aware of the manipulation of pictures and they believed it was real.

Courtesy : From Kleemans et al.,2016 experiment report manipulated body image picture.

Men’s Confidence

Body image is an issue for both girls and boys, but it is widely regarded as something that affects girls as we often assume that girls are more concerned about their physical appearance.

Research has shown how social media exposure negatively influences men’s self-esteem, similar to that of women, using same parameters. An ideal man is portrayed on social media as wealthy, muscular and famous.

Men alike women are now feeling the pressure of being more muscular. An example of this is that action Hero figures are more muscular today than 25 years ago. When these unrealistic images are bombarded on social media, these pictures result in low self-esteem in men. In research conducted by the Global burden of disease (GBD) Institute of health metrics it was found that, from the year 1992-2017, there has been an increase in eating disorders that specifically affected men.

In a more recent study, men who viewed ideal male body images portrayed online, expressed higher levels of dissatisfaction and depression compared to those men who were not exposed to the same.

Positive Role Models

Beauty, wealth and success are societal standards dictated by companies and agencies. Popstar Selena Gomez, in her song “Who says” repeats the phrase “I’m no beauty queen I’m just beautiful me.” Various other influencers such as Jameela Jamil, Lizzo, Ashley Graham are huge advocates of body positivity. We need more such influencers who promote a healthy standard of living.

Being a young adult is already hard enough. Peer pressure, university life, and parent’s expectations, etc causes a high amount of stress. And seeing their favourite influencers and celebrities in branded clothes always on holiday, promotes unrealistic expectations.

Young people should be able to look at social media content giving them the right importance and be sceptical about those perfect bodies and perfect faces because, behind too much perfection, there is perfect emptiness.


If Life Gives You Lemon…Make natural skin antiseptic.

Zingy flavour, aromatic scent,  brings the sunshine in the kitchen for the bright yellow, is lemon. This fruit belongs to the citrus family and is rich in vitamin C

Lemons are available all the year-round.

It is literally used for everything from the zest to juice.

The primary ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine, especially in the Moroccan one. Lemon, in ancient times, was used by Chinese as an antiseptic, while Egyptians, Greeks and Arabs used the citrus fruit also as a natural preserving and moth repellent.

“In England, in 1289, an emissary of Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward I, bought 15 lemons and seven oranges from a Spanish ship. In 1530,  Henry VIII’s included references to several purchases of citrus, among them the expenses paid to a servant who supplied oranges and lemons to the royal palace at York Place.” – Credit to: Edible Histories: citrus/Borough Market.

Lemon is now widespread in great British food. Have you ever tried to “lemony” olive oil to drizzle in your salad?


Lemons give a note of colour and positivity to my kitchen.


Wax or not wax? – 

British chefs suggest that untreated lemons are preferable to buy, especially if you need to use the zest for flouring a dish or to use it for cocktails. It might be challenging to find lemons with no wax.

A simple tip to remove it is to soak them into the water and scrub them gently with a vegetable brush.

For those who are fancy growing organic lemons and with the green thumb, fruits can be grown in pots.

Plants can be kept indoors during the winter months and move them outside in summer.  To create an Italian Riviera in your  Yorkshire garden … Enjoying the smell of citrus and pretending to be in Portofino. A lemon scent, boost your health and control anxiety.

A study at the UK’s Northumbria University found that exposure to lemon plants can improve cognitive performance and mood.

Katie Drummond, Editor at

Lemon smell gives a fresh feeling around the house. 

How Can I use Lemon as a natural cleaning product?

Lemons are considered natural bleach for the high content in citric acid. Lemons are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic,

Lemon smell gives a fresh feeling around the house. This handy fruit can be used for the cleanliness of the kitchen as an eco-friendly degrease.

Refresh your sink – After making fish is your sink a bit smelly? After cleaning rub half of the lemon everywhere in your sink, my grandfather was a fisherman, and this was the remedy that grandma used to refresh the kitchen sink.

Keep cutting board disinfected – Once a week sprinkles natural sea salt and rub with the half lemon the board. Allow a few minutes pose and then rinse with hot water.

DIY lemon cleaner –  In a spray bottle combine the juice of five lemon, water, vinegar and rosemary to clean the fridge; the smell is so great afterwards!

Preservative – To prevent the fruit from turning black, lemon juice is poured directly onto the fruit. Lemon juice is essential before cooking the fruit to make jam

 Lemon  in Natural Cosmetic

Lemons are very rich in vitamin C, which improves skin condition from ageing, lemons like other citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids. 

Flavonoids contained in lemons contribute to fighting the formation of free radicals also, the vitamin C repairs skin damages already existant like wrinkles any type of marks, spots and facial scars.

Maintains skin ph balanced, and it is a natural detox whether lemon is used internally or externally to your body. Lemon juice is considered an excellent anti-ageing.

Lemon has astringent properties, absorbs the skin oil in excess so it can be used for those skins affected from acne or for blackheads cleaning. Particularly recommended the use of anti-acne treatment like exfoliating lotions.

To get rid blackheads, regularly apply lemon juice in your daily skin routine, it purifies and cleanses acne spots when infected.

DIY remedies are all useful for keeping your skin in good health,

it is always suggested to go to see your GP Doctor in acne cases.


Purifying mask with lemon extract – Superdrug


There are many DIY remedies with the use of lemon to revitalise your skin or to absorb the skin oil in excess. Once every fortnight, I use this simple DIY mask.

DIY face mask with lemon, almond and honey:

2 tablespoon of ground almonds- gently exfoliates dead skin cells, clear blackheads and acne

1 tablespoon of honey – antioxidant, avoid damaging of free radicals, and bright your skin.

Half lemon juice – fight oily skin, skin tonic and gives a fresh, glowing look.

In a small bowl add the ground almond, lemon juice and honey. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon until all the ingredients are well mixed and compacted, then apply on your skin. Rinse after ten minutes with a warm washcloth or warm water.




Lemon juice, ground almond&honey mask.


Boost your mood!

Lemon is an exceptional boost of energy for your body. It could be a blend of essential oils; Lemon and citrus, which can be used for massage it increases blood circulation, reduces cellulite and stress. Or a few drops in the bath to fight the long day fatigue.

The smell of lemon following the research of aromatherapy conducted in 2008 is useful for reducing anxiety and depression, improving the mood of those candidates who were exposed to the lemon scent.

A perfect way to boost your mood is an energising shower gel, followed by a citrus body lotion, perfect treat for your skin and your mood. It makes me feel clean and happy afterwards.



Champney’s citrus blush&daily scrub



Manicure What Is The Trend

Springtime is coming, and in the twinkling of an eye, Summer will be here too!

It is time to wear gaudy colours in our dress and on our nails. What are trendy shades for nails and toes? The hottest Summer colours are the fluorescent palette, for those that will get a lovely tan, and fluorescent is always on trend.  Candy, which is the super trend for springtime/summer 2019.  Nude shades are a classic for classy.

Alongside fashion week, spring runway show and Instagram…We are spoiled for choices. Chanel got inspiration from sunny Naples in Italy created a vibrant yellow. Celebrities manicurists suggest hazarding with bright colours.

How to choose the right colour for a manicure that suits you? How do you pick the right look? Well, there are considerations to make.

Colours palette

Skin Tone

Skin tone is fundamental to choose colours in resonance with our skin gives conformity to our look According to make up artist Lauren Gott we have three different skin colour tones:

  • Fair skin – generally light coloured and burned quickly. Colours that suit you are: Lavander, baby pink, mint green, seafoam light blue,
  • Medium skin tone- potential olive undertones. Colours that suit you are: Cream, gold, burgundy, forest green, brown
  • Dark skin tone- dark skin and dark hair colours. It suits you: Deep purple, turquoise, black, white, fuchsia.


I have chosen a classic French for an everyday nail polish

Season change and so our wardrobe in the base of these climatic changes also colours help us to define our best in look.

  • Autumn: Dark olive, dark red, neutral, teal, metallic gold and silver.
  • Winter: Blue China, sparkle red, burgundy, purple, brown
  • Spring: Pearl pink, light yellow, frosty blue, neutral, light purple
  • Summer: Yellow-orange, beige, bronze, peach, neon green.

Professionals nails polish


If you dress for a job interview or everyday work or college most appropriate colours should be neutral or lightly coloured.

If you go out in the night time, the best colours are fluo nails are very scenographic.

Rock gig: black or burgundy

In any case,  whatever you go and whatever you wear these are not rules express yourself and let go of your fantasy.


Emma Carter, the makeup artist at Hair Boutique in Saltburn, tells us about these Summer trends.

Hands Shape

  • Almond and oval– Are very trend at the moment and both shapes work well to naturally longs fingers.
  • Round– this shapes creates an elongating effect.
  • Square– This shapes are elegant, works well when nails are medium or long. It suits for everybody also it gives you extra border and it easy to maintain.
  • Ballerina– challenging to maintain, it gives you long dramatic effects to your hands. You need strong nails.







6 Reasons You Should Be Using Activated Charcoal in Beauty.

The latest trend in beauty is Activated Charcoal. Any beauty influencer on Instagram makes a video with a charcoal mask. Or charcoal on teeth. Charcoal has a long story in medicine and is an excellent remedy for health and beauty lately revaluated. According to NHS charcoal reduces gastric absorption of the iron compound, it is also a natural whitening for theet, is a clarifying for skin and hair and is used as a general detox.

The trend suggests that the best products are from Korea which according to ‘Grazia‘ magazine is the beauty capital in the west part of the world for the cosmetic industry.

Is Activated Charcoal safe for you?

Natural Charcoal powder

When I think of Charcoal, it reminds me of those little pieces of carbon burnt on the beach. It is Charcoal is safe for you? Charcoal is very safe for you because it removes moleculesMaking activated charcoal involves heating carbon-rich materials, such as wood, peat, coconut shells, or sawdust, to very high temperatures. This ‘activation’ process strips the charcoal of previously absorbed molecules and frees up bonding sites again. This process also reduces the size of the pores in the charcoal and makes more holes in each particle, therefore, increasing its overall surface area. (Credit to Alan Carter, Pharm D)

Activated charcoal in health is an absorbent for intestinal gas and may help in kidneys dysfunctions. It is used in hospitals for drugs overdose. Okay, lets found out why activated charcoal is good for our beauty.

1. Acne Remedy

It is a natural absorbent for the skin, catching all the dirt and toxins, the antibacterial action clear and detoxes pores giving to the surface a clean result. The best product to use for acne treatment is a face mask, there are also capsules and soap bars. Eating fish, eggs, vegetable and fruits, cutting down sugars also helps to keep the skin healthy.

2. Detoxifies Skin

Activated charcoal has more action than other natural products, for example, in confront of a clay mask, charcoal cleans remarkably more in-depth and purifying blackheads in your nose. Before to apply a charcoal mask for a better result you should open your face pores with a warm wet towel on your surface, then proceeding with the mask application.

3. Balances Oily Skin

Detoxifying charcoal mask

Charcoal cleanser and facial mask can balance oily skin and stops producing new acne. Here the recipes to make your own facial cleanser.

  • 1 tbsp activated charcoal powder –
  • 2tsp dandelion extract –
  • 1 tbsp Burdock extract –
  • 1 tbsp aloe vera gel – 

 Method–  Combine and stir all the products above in a cup, apply in your face and leave for ten minutes, Rinse with warm water and moisturise as usual.

4. Exfoliates your skin

Charcoal is an excellent exfoliator for your skin; You can make your own scrub with just a few simple ingredients. Or alternatively, you can buy a wide choice in the commerce of charcoal products.

  • 50ml olive oil
  • 1 tbsp charcoal powder
  • 1tsp brown sugar
  • 5 drops of any of your favourite scented oil

Method– combine all products together, gentle massage over your nose, cheeks and chin for 1 minute, then rinse with warm water and moisturise

5. Whitens Teeth

Charcoal teeth whitening, truth or myth?

Black theet should make whitening theet?

According to the Oral Health Foundation, Charcoal is an abrasive product; it means that it has a strong action to remove bacteria. It can be used as a mouthwash or charcoal powder toothpaste.

As a natural product, it can be used as an extra whitening remedy, the application is effortless, is sufficient to put some water in the mouth then rub all over your theet and rinse, results are not visible straight away you need to repeat twice a week.

However, talking to your dentist is recommended, charcoal is very abrasive absorbent, it could lead to teeth abrasion.

6. Anti-dandruff

Charcoal and conditioner helps dandruff scalps

Shampoo and hair conditioner charcoal products are recommended for those scalps with dandruff and for oily hair. For example, trying shampoo and hair conditioner, I could feel it that the shampoo was absorbing the excessiveness oil in my hair, excellent was the conditioner which reestablished smoothness with a lovely blackish tone to my hair.


Charcoal peel off mask

I have found that Charcoal products are outstanding, for no particularly skin problems but just for maintenance. I have tried Jolee peel off mask. I have not many blackheads in my skin, but the cover is very thick and consistent. I give this product a 7/10

Xpel hair care, charcoal shampoo and charcoal conditioner which I love them very satisfied with these products. I have finally found a shampoo that keeps my hair drier. I give this product 8/10

Activated charcoal – carbon &coco teeth whitening powder is 100% natural and vegan. I give this product 8/10 ( on Amazon can be purchased an excellent price)

All opinions are my own.















Take Care of your Hair in six steps.

Everybody wants to look nice and hair is an important part of it. Nice hair makes feeling us confident about our physical aspects of everyday social interactions. Hair is made of a strong protein called Keratin present in the human body, blood vessel nourishes the hair bulb which delivers hormones and other substances. It means that if we take drugs or we adopt an unhealthy lifestyle it will affect the growth of the hair. “Healthy inside to be attractive outside”The growing of the hair varies in each individual and with ageing. When a new hair grows, pull the old hair out, that is why we have dry hair at the end. Hair colour is due to melanin, with ageing these cells that produce Melanin die and hair turn grey. Credit to Mattew Hoffman, MD

1. Wash it

I swear by them.

But now let see how to take care of hair in six simple steps- ready? It might seem pretty stupid but washing hair is a simple gesture but it has rules to follow.

  • Choose good brand products depending on each circumstance for example
    your hair can be coloured and treated, oily or too dry.
  • Do not directly applicate the shampoo in your hair but dilute with water in your hand because shampoos are too aggressive.
  • Water should not be too hot because hot water damages your scalp and make your hair weakens with cool water
  • Do not wash too often, three washing per week is more than enough. Then the more you cleaning, the more it gets greasy.

2. Dry it, yes, but with care

Adjust with a low temperature.

Hot air like hot water damages and weakens hair, the right thing to do is to allow the hair to dry naturally, this is not always possible I agree especially in winter or in cold weather.

  • Towel dry your hair gently to absorb the excess water
  • Apply the diffuser to your device, this helps to diffuse heat equally and not only in one area
  • Use natural, eco-friendly brush and comb, they will improve oil production which stops dandruff and helps your hair to stay nice and smooth. Plastic brushes increase the electric static of hair.
Brushing your hair stimulates the capillaries is like a head massage.

3. Trim your hair regularly

Pauline Taylor, senior hairstylist and owner at Hair Boutique, Saltburn by the Sea.


  • Go to see your trusted hairdresser regularly. To me, my hairdresser is like my Doctor. Your hairdresser will tell you of any scalp problem, and you can always seek for advice.
  • Trim the end every four/six weeks, your hair will grow faster and stronger. Also, your look appears tidier and healthier. Few millimetres make a massive difference in your hairstyle.
  • If you are not an expert, please avoid YouTube tutorials.
  • If you are on a budget, you can ask queries to your local college where they offer open  beauty services where students, supervised from a Senior hairstylist practice their profession. “One hand washes the other”

4. Do not straighten your hair too often.

Thermal protector and straightening lotion must be used regularly before to straighten your hair

The straightener damages your hair due to the high temperatures, in fact, it should not be used more than 180 degrees. Make sure that your hair is not dumped, it could cause a thermal shock. 
Always use lotions and thermal protector before the use of the straightener these products helps to balance the static and protect from heat damages.

5. Eat Healthily

Hair needs plenty of water to grow fast and strong.

Eat healthily, nourish your body with vitamin and minerals, follow a healthy balanced diet. Your hair like your skin deserves to be treated if you want glowing skin and strong long hair.

Drink plenty of water, because your hair needs to be hydrated and need a certain amount of water to grow.

6. Exercise

Exercise is always the key right?
Exercising we put more oxygen in our blood, which moist the scalp. In addition sweat larger our hair follicles.The results? we are happier and our hair grow faster and stronger.



Beside the Seaside.

Living by the Sea.

I left a busy city for a seaside town. In the beginning, it was difficult for me because I was used to a more busy life and addicted to crowded places. Moving from a big city to a small one and also changing country it has been challenging.

During these years I realised how the Sea air has been beneficial for my health and for beauty aspects as well. What at the beginning was just a doubt it became a fact.

If I compare one of my old photos now with an older on, I look more relaxed and younger than ten years ago. I do not suffer any more from throat pain and voice loss like I used to. My skin glowing has improved, my mood and my sleep.

My daughter used to suffer from a severe form of pollen allergy which diminished a lot after moving here. Not to mention the breathing problems that we all got from air pollution.

Good Vibes Dude

A day on the beach makes you feel happy? Makes you feel good and euphoric? It is because of the negative ions.

Sea air contains a high percentage of iodine and negative ions.

Negative Ions are invisible molecules part of an atom, negatively charged by extra electrons.

Negative ions are in the oxygen in the air that we breathe and they are highly concentrated near the beach and waterfall. Negative ions work on the nervous system and reduce stress and make

Iodine is a chemical element which our body cannot produce, so we need to take from some dietary supplements.

Or it can be found in nature near the Ocean, sea, beach and in sea fish. Any dietary supplements must be discussed with the Doctor.

The body needs iodine to make the Thyroid Hormones which control the metabolism.

The beach is packed with these two components which are taken through respiration. They benefit general health, boosts hormones and may improve mental health.

The Blue effect

A normal walk to the beach is actually an excellent natural medical and beauty treatment. When I was a child, old school doctors used to say: “take a few days to go to the seaside” People who live on the coast and close to the beach are healthier and happier.

According to the NHS researchers which found out how living on the coast leads to health increase.

A study conducted by Doctor Amber Person in 2016, suggest that looking at the sea benefit your mood. New Zealand residents with sea view houses were happier than those without sea view houses.

“Increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress, however, we did not find that with green space.”

Amber Person.

Val, 22, interpreter living in Newcastle and talking with Cosmo Alessias says:” I live and work in an urban contest, during the weekend me and my boyfriend we need to leave the city for the seaside it is a stress relief after a long week in the office.”

Mo,57, plumber about the sea says:” As soon as I can I book my holidays to the sea with my wifey, I feel relaxed and I sleep much better. ” He also says “We enjoy fishing villages.

Moreover, looking at the wave motion and listen to the rolling ocean waves, decreases depression, increases better sleep and helps meditation.

Beach Life


Spending time to the beach improves health, mood and it makes you look better because the ocean is a natural sanctuary. We need to follow some rules and also have fun.

Move your body.

There is a variety of exercises that can be done at zero costs; Surfing is an excellent workout for body and soul. Yoga, Thai-chi, swimming which is great, because of the combination swimming-massage which will fight the cellulite. Walking, fishing is all beneficial for shaping the body and because of vitamin D which is naturally taken when we spend time outdoors.

Luca always plays football at the beach.

For Your Skin.

Barefoot walk at the beach, is a natural skin removal. Micro crums present in the sand do a natural scrub action, for feet. Sea salt is also a natural exfoliant for dead kin enriched by minerals. A DIY recipe for a scrub that I use a lot is: Collect some sand and add few drops of seawater then rub all over the body, except for the face, insisting in those rough zones like elbow and knees. It makes a silky skin. Or take some sand with you at home and put some coconut oil for a more softening action.


Thalasso is a Greek word that it means Sea. From 1865, a French Doctor initially discovered this treatment for health purposes only but then realised it was an excellent beauty treatment as well. Simply soak in the Seawater. Today, it is used in many spas.

Saltburn Pier.

We may obtain the same results without going to the spa. But simply using Nature.

The beneficial are:

  • Skin anti ageing- with the sea water because is packed with minerals, makes your skin younger and stretchable.
  • Clean your skin- treating acne and psoriasis keeping pores clean.
  • Helps inflammations like cellulite.
  • Increases body energy.
  • Relax the muscles.
  • Relief feet stiffness and body fatigue.
  • Promotes natural exfoliation.
  • Detox the whole bo
  • Helps blood circulation.
  • Therapeutic for allergies.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Prevent insomnia.
  • Affective against depression.









Natural Remedies for Glowing Skin-

What is Skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is also a survival part of it.
In fact, it protects us from bumps, germs and pollutions.
It is responsible for combining vitamin D in our body, which is fundamental for keeping our body healthy.

Our skin also informs our brain when outside temperatures changing and help our body to control temperatures. (Credit to my Dr, Skin biology and structure)

Skin Structure.

Daily Care.

Because our skin works so hard for us, we should take care of it as a return favour. Step 1 defines which skin type you are: Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and normal skin. This helps to the choice of the right products.

Step2: Cleanse – Step 3 moisturise – Step 4 exfoliate – Step 5 mask – Step 6 tone- Step 7 Hydrating booster.

This is the correct daily skincare to do in the morning and night. The same care is needed for the rest of the body, especially hands and feet. Seasons also needs to be considered, as our skin needs different treatments; In winter the skin requires more Nutrition booster and in summer hydrating booster.

The Natural Way.

Why choose natural? Because it is simple, sustainable, cheap, and it is very active. Here, some of my recipes for making natural products.

Natural Moisturiser.

50ml of milk; use skimmed milk for oily skin, full-fat milk for dry skin – 1 teaspoon of baking soda – 5 drops of Argan oil – 2 drops of essential oil. I use Lavander when I want an antibacterial effect. Otherwise, I use orange or mint essence, to give a ‘wake-up’ action to my skin.

Remember, this is a natural product it needs to be kept in the fridge, and it does not produce lather. Because of this, please do not consider that the product does not work.

Natural Tone.

Boil some chamomile tea and leave in infusion for one hour, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This tone has cooling action. It needs to be kept in the fridge.

Natural Detox Scrub.

1 tablespoon of oat flour- 1tablespoon of honey- 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Spread out the compost on your face, insisting on your chin and nose. Then rinse with warm water.

Natural Purify Mask.

Three mashed strawberries – 2 tablespoons of almond flour – 1 tablespoon of honey – 2 egg white – 1 tablespoon of orange juice. Put the compost for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. This mask mainly is one of my favourites.

Fresh, sustainable ingredients for Diy skincare treatments.

Healthy Diet…Healthy Skin.

Food is medicine, the most powerful one! We can prevent diseases for our system, and the skin will say thank you, gifting us with a glowing look… Food is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, fats and protein. These are the components of a balanced diet, for perfect body functions, this is what the skin requires

  • Omega3 protects our skin from acne and wrinkles, also supports the development of new skin reproduction. It can be found in fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon. Flaxseeds oil and soya beans.
  • Vitamin A protects from UV damage, infections and encourages healthy new skin production. It clears up acne. It can be found in cheese, eggs and cod liver oil.
  • Vitamin C protects from free radicals, boosts collagen and prevents from wrinkles. It can be found in chilly peppers, bell peppers, cauliflowers, broccoli and kale. When it is said, “Eat your Greens!

Eat your five a day. Photo for the kind concession of Lee Stoneman Photography.

Sleeping Beauty.

“Once upon a time, a king and queen reigned in a country far away…” No no, stop! This is not a fairy tale; this is the real story to how the skin works during repose.
“Physician-scientists found that sleep quality impacts skin function and ageing.” (University Hospitals Case Medical Centre, 2013)
While we are asleep the skin still works for us. Our skin system releases more collagen It is recommended for seven hours of sleep.

While we are asleep the skin still working for us.


Natural therapies it also means herbalism. My grandma used to have a clinical and dispensary book with symptoms and herbal cure. If you want to go to that route, makes sure that the Consultant Medical Herbalist is qualified from The National of Medical Herbalists.

For a warm herbal tea that it can be bought in any supplements shop, here two types of herbal tea which I cannot live without it, and they taste great.

Herbalism is the use of plants for healing. Photo for the kind concession of Lee Stoneman Photography.






















My Day on a Plate: Slimming World.

The diet

I have joined Slimming World after putting two stones on, following two inactive years, due to a Calcaneal osteotomy and a tibialis posterior transplant.

I was looking for a diet that was easy to follow and sensible. Not like all those fad diets or crazy juices without any scientific fundamental.

Slimming World is based on normal food cooked without fats and it is more learning good habits rather than dieting.

In a large pan over medium-high heat, add the sugar snap peas salt and pepper and saute for 4/5 minutes with some minced garlic.


Also, for people like me with a big appetite and no will to weight any single ingredient, the slimming world is ideal… And Hey! pasta is free food.

Free food, is basically full filling food that you can have it at any time.

Get organised!

The secret for a terrific result is of being organised!

For example, I cook a bit more extra, the dinner before, so I have left over for my packed lunch to take at Uni with me.

Buy ready meal makes me choose not always the “right” things. And it costs me more.

Simple meals inside my packed lunch.

On Sunday evening, I sit for planning my weekly meals in advance, believe me, this is the best “me time” of the week.

I have found out that all my “mistakes” comes from there. I go home, starved, I open the fridge and I gulp down all sort of food.

If I pass from the supermarket first, then I will buy frozen pizzas and junk food.

shopping is the first step for a correct diet, if you buy healthy, you will eat healthily.

Shopping list and my food diary. this is the best “me time” of the week.

The meaning of Slimming World is to put me in control.

It is a learning curve about my appetite, I decide when is time to treat myself or when is the time to say a powerful NO! and stay on track.

Depends on me and this makes me feel a lot better about dieting.

Changing Menus is not being fussy.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation is important to eat a variety of foods, because foods of different groups offer combinations of beneficial substances for our body.

Pinch of Nom is a friendly website where to find healthy recipes.

To have more ideas about a varied menu.

Pinch of Nom is helpful for those who are on Slimming World or Weight Watchers plans.

Recipes are very tasty and easy to make, I cannot get bored with thousands of ideas. One of my favourites is French Dip Sandwiches.

My food journey

6.45 I start my day with coffee, not sugar and 350 ml of oat milk. Milk is one of my daily healthy extras ‘a’ choice and one orange for a good source of vitamin C

My breakfast

10.30 At this time of the morning, I normally have some fruits it could be an apple or a banana or both.

13.00 pm For lunch if I am at Uni, I normally take packed lunch with dinner left over. At home, I normally follow my weekly menu previously planned

Stir fry veg with couscous. Chicken tikka and mixed salad. Chicken tikka is one of the free&easy recipes

14.00 pm I enjoy my brew while doing my Uni work.

Coffee addicted but sometimes I enjoy a cup of tea as well.

16.30 pm. Snacks are my favourite part of the plan!

Fruits fill my body with potassium, vitamin c, folate and dietary fibre. Fruits help to maintain low cholesterol and healthy blood pressure.

Berries&fat free greek yoghurt.

19.00 pm It is dinner time! Me and my son sitting at the table have a proper dinner together, talking about our respective days at school. Even for dinner, I follow my previously planned menu.

peppers, cherry tomatoes, turkey breast fillets.

22.30 pm before to go to bed I always make myself a chamomile tea.

“No meal or snack should be naked”

dietitian Monica Auslander Moreno
Spices and herbs are essential to add more flavour to my meals and help stay healthy.




The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I hope in this online magazine, the reader will be able to find interesting articles about beauty and wellbeing.

My grandma used to grow aloe vera in her terrace and producing homemade syrup.

The syrup helped her to reduce cholesterol and the gel was an effective treatment for sunburn and small wounds.

Since then, I have started to use more natural remedies for me and my family and it became a passion.

Moving to Saltburn by the Sea, made me realise how is therapeutic walking in the beach and how to enjoy benefits from sea iodine

Also, in this blog, I talk about healthy eating, wellbeing and beauty care, involving sector experts.

I am not a doctor, so please always talk with your doctor /nurse practitioner before following diets or using remedies even if natural.


Me and my grandmother in Italy. My grandma used to grow loads of officinalis plants.